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The Eros Group, led by founder, educator and consultant Camille Lawson (RN, BA, MEd), provides advice on sexuality, nutrition, and hormones – ways to love your life through health and wellness, your anamaya!
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Camille Lawson

Healthcare Professional, RN, BA, MEd
Camille Lawson has been empowering clients in the healthcare profession for over 25 years. She is a registered nurse, a hormone educator and consultant, nutrition expert, and a counselor specializing in sexuality and relationships. Her goal to empower people to be their “magnificant best” fuels her groundbreaking and positive work in hormones, health and sexuality. Her personal journey includes work and training in Toronto’s Regional Women’s Health Centre, Women’s College Hospital, and Graduate Intensive Sex Therapy programs at University of Guelph. After obtaining her MEd (Counseling Psych) at The University of Toronto, she focused her studies and continuing education in the integration of nutrition, brain chemistry, sexuality and romance. In addition to sharing her expertise with people as a counselor, she is a writer and professional speaker.


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