Diets don’t work – nutritional cleansing DOES! What does THAT mean? We are all carrying numerous toxins in our bodies. It is in the news daily and studies show that our body uses fat stores to protect our vital organs from these toxins. The toxins are in our water, our air and our food. The soil today is deficient in nutrients and trace minerals; therefore, our food is not nourishing us as it once did. It IS a crisis. Read more here.

Camille, with her medical background and extensive knowledge of nutrition, believes in Whole Body (cellular level, not just colon or liver) detoxification and cleansing, while replenishing nutrients that our bodies are so depleted in. After careful research, Camille exclusively uses the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Programs and Products because they supply superior nutrition while detoxifying the body at the cellular level. Most importantly, they work. People often experience significant and sustainable body fat loss while at the same time gaining lean muscle mass – amazing! The ongoing maintenance is simply excellent nutrition. Safe, all natural, doctor recommended.

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John Gray (Men are From Mars fame) says Isagenix changed HIS relationship with his wife since it helps balance brain chemistry, including hormones, and Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Healthy Soul) also uses and promotes Isagenix as the BEST nutritional products he has ever used – he even wrote a book about what happened to him and hundreds of others!

Camille is a skilled coach and guide – most people who work with Camille succeed, even if they have failed before. She understands, is compassionate and works from a place of integrity. She is YOUR resource to success – more Health, Wealth, Connection, Reward, & Freedom.



With over 14,000 new people starting the Isagenix Cleanse every month it has become the #1 Solution for achieving Results.

Discover how simple, yet powerful actions that take only 5 minutes per day is helping thousands of people shed stubborn pounds and inches while making dramatic improvements to their health and lifestyle. With an unprecedented success rate of over 95% the Isagenix System is endorsed by medical doctors and famous authors, and has appeared on OPRAH, MTV, ABC, CNBC, the A-CHANNEL and more.

Isagenix is NOT a diet or detox. It is the ONLY Nutritional Cleanse which:

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[Isagenix] will not only help people lose weight, but also improve their relationships. [Isagenix] is the first product that I whole-heartedly endorse.

- John Gray, Ph.D.
Author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus and The Mars & Venus Diet & Exercise Solution

I personally Lost 33 Pounds in Just 35 Days! Not only that, but my joints feel better. I have incredible energy. And best of all – the sweets, pastas, wines and other “no-no’s” I used to eat now have no hold over me whatsoever! Incredibly, I’ve kept my weight off – month after month. I’ve been so impressed with what Isagenix has done for my life, the life of my family, and the lives of my friends that I decided to write Chicken Soup for the Healthy Soul just for Isagenix comprised of stories of people’s success with Isagenix Products.

- Jack Canfield
Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series Sexuality