It was wonderful to see you last night, and as always, you did a brilliant job of captivating the audience and imparting important information in a very consumable way! You and Kelli looked like you’ve been lecturing together forever! I was hoping to sneak out right after the presentation, but was so surprised at how many people wanted to talk about our supplements… I honestly hadn’t expected that, but was so pleased, and it also reinforced how important the topic of hormones is to women. Lastly, I would like to say that aside from looking beautiful, there is a real energy about you and you have the uncanny ability to draw people in very tightly, and that is a true gift :)

- Shawna Page
Founder & CEO femMed

Camille is a brilliant communicator on the topics she addresses. She is extremely knowledgable, up to date, and very personable with her audience. Your Women's Group will find her a delight and will walk away from her presentation knowing something they did not know when they walked in the door. Best of luck with your event and thanks for your contribution in making a difference for women.

- Ron Reid
Entrepreneur, Interview Host, and Isagenix Millionaire

Camille is the most compassionate, concrete, solution-focused coach I have ever used. My life is transformed, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too.

- Liz

You told me I would feel good, but THIS is amazing - I feel better than I have in 20 years - look better too".

- John

I am hooked on Isagenix and what it is doing for my acting career - I feel SO healthy and I radiate vitality, so important for my work".

- Bob
Los Angeles

Camille is an excellent speaker - to the point, informative, cutting edge. The audience at my women's networking group loved what she had to say".

- Lucy

Thank you, thank you Camille - you have made an enormous difference in my life. I am now a Have-it-All woman and I know I CAN do anything.

- Karen